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Dear Flicker Fans – July 20th, 2016

Hey there Flicker Fans, got some news for you today. Today begins the start of something special, something we wait all year for. Something that we (as geeks) all address and think of as, well, as almost a “First Christmas” (the second being one in December). So whatever your respective holiday is that you celebrate, or don’t celebrate, it’s time to revel in the fact that Summer is here. July is here. Comic Con….is here.

Full disclosure folks, this will be my first official adventure into the glorious geeky madness. While I’ve been before (unofficially) this will break me in wholeheartedly.  I’m excited, nervous (not sure why), and just ready for this weekend. We’ll be there in full effect Flicker Fans; myself, David, Bobby Jackson, and Michelle. We’ll all be there, trying desperately to hold back the tears of joy that I’m sure will form at the corners of our eyes at some point. So to help cover this event, I am going to try and do something a little different. As the days will be packed with events, panels and questions from us, to everyone we get to talk to, I’m going to turn this into a “Dear Diary” read. I know, corny–but it’s creative!……..(sort of) I will (at the end of the day) have journaled and talked about every little bit of information I can remember, jot down, experience, eat and or tell you so that YOU (hopefully) can try and feel what we’re feeling, know how we’re feeling and share in the excitement of this glorious trip. No matter how bad, how good or anything in between, I’m going to help with your experience by starting officially this weekend, “Dear Diary” (sorry) “Dear Flicker Fans (a truthful, action filled, experience at San Diego Comic Con” (the title is a little long, but it’s a work in progress).

July 20th, 2016 Dear Flicker Fans,

Well, it’s finally happening. Today is going to be a good day. Well, we’ll see about that. Work is still work, and the time finds its way slowly creeping around the curves of the clock. It doesn’t matter which clock I stare at, they all say the same time, and they all move at the same pace. I know a watched pot never boils, but this isn’t a watched pot–this is comic con. I can’t wait, the excitement that I’m feeling is reaching into my very chest and making my heart jump with small jolts of adrenaline (it’s either that or the caffeine). I can’t wait. This is worse than waiting for Civil War to start, or come out, or introduce the characters we KNEW we were going to get (Spiderman, Black Panther). But patience is a virtue right? So we’ll wait. Jesus it’s not even 10am yet, last time I looked at the clock, it was 9:59am… feels like ten minutes have gone by, it’s really only been about 45 seconds.

“Tick, tock Clarice.” The same line I hear always when I wait for something that I’m really excited for….maybe I watch too many movies. Naw, that can’t be it.

“Tick, tock Clarice.” (sigh) The time moves at it’s own pace and this is the excitement that CC builds in everyones chest. This is the moviegoers patience tested to the extreme, but isn’t it always. I mean, we (as fans) seem to always have our patience tested. Dates of releases that help us navigate the year; I swear I wouldn’t really know the difference between Summer, Fall, Spring or Winter if it wasn’t for (Summer) Blockbuster, Oscar Season (Fall) and “This Christmas”(Winter), and “Summer Preview” (Spring). I mean, let’s be honest, Summer has gotten closer and closer to Winter as studios try and capitalize on the slow time of the year.

So here it is, we wait. We wait, we wait, and we wait. But we’ve trained for this, we’ve gone through marathons of lines or people who are average goers, to the proverbial die hards that riddle our theaters with noise and cells phones. We wait, constantly having our patience tested once again for the news of fun, and excitement that, “Will be coming soon to a theater near you.” We wait. And so Flicker Fans, that’s what I’m doing now. Waiting. Waiting to leave work, so I can wait in the car, so I can wait in a line, so I can hear the news of what I can wait for next. And you know what? I’m so excited to wait that I can hardly sit in still in my chair.

Until tomorrow.

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