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Dear Flicker Fans – July 20th, 2016, Part 2

July 20th, 2016

Dear Flicker Fans,

My feet are hurting, my legs are tired, my face is red(ish) and my body is screaming for sleep–I couldn’t be happier. Today was the official preview night for something that I feel like I was waiting forever for. The experience with all these like minded people, geeks, nerds, outcasts and weirdos….man, this place is everything I could have asked.

I walked into the main room not knowing which way to go first. David was standing in front of me, my fearless leader; he looked just as wowed as I was. We both took out our phones and went “live” to document this momentous occasion. Man we’re dorky right now. I took a few steps and realized there isn’t much I can do to try and capture the true experience that I was having at this very moment. I couldn’t take two steps in front of me without tripping over some avid fan. Man, this place was intense. It was all over the place; comics, toons, toys, costumes, statues, and posters. Hoards and hoards of posters. So many people that they started to bleed together and just take a mold that moved in unison together. Slowly seeping around the various scattered booths that seem to hold people prisoner.

Again, this place was amazing.

I saw towers of comics stacked neatly together and in the banker boxes that we’re all too familiar with. The classics, and the cartoonish, to the garish and gothic. I swear, I’ve seen varieties of comics I didn’t even know existed. I saw rows of game boards and anime characters. I tried to take everything in, remember everything, and you know what–I couldn’t. So I broke out the phone again. “I have a camera for a reason.” But what’s the balance? Do I want to remember via a video, or experience? Do I really want to be one of those people walking around, staring at their phones, almost crashing into person after person? Naw. I really don’t, but I feel like I should do my best to take some of these memories.

I saw art work that ranged from 10k to 50k and they were impressive. I saw statues that were taller than me! I’m 7 feet tall and there were statues that towered over ME!!!! This place is amazing. More than anything you can imagine or what, it’s all here. Welcome to toy stores for adults. This was it.

We finished the day by heading over to have dinner with some new friend. This day just keeps getting better and better. While having dinner, who sits down next to us, why Mr. Snoochie Boothcie himself. That’s right, Jason Mewes. This is a swearing machine, and honestly, not that bad of an actor. Harley Quinn Smith joined him, and honestly, I probably would have lost my shit if Kevin Smith showed up. That would have been all kinds of epic.

So the day is done. The day is over. Here’s the thing, I’m so tired, I feel like I’ve walked around Disneyland all day and I just can’t wait to get home, change and take a shower. I’m sweaty, my feet hurt, I’m tired, my body is screaming for sleep, and honestly–I couldn’t be happier.

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