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Dear Flicker Fans – July 22nd, 2016

July 22nd, 2016

Dear Flicker Fans,

Ever wonder what it’s like to sit/stand/walk in the sun for the better part of the day in the middle of July? Well, I never have, but I have experienced it. On this day, the 22nd day of July, I spent a good majority of it….in the sun. But, to be fair, so did the rest of the team.

Taking turns and spending time in the sun is what this adventure really is all about. You wouldn’t think it, but it’s almost a rite of passage to do so. With the rest of the die hards we spend the day taking turns sitting outside and enjoying the company of the sun (as well as other die hard fans wait for the promise of entering Hall H).

It’s kind of surprising what the body is willing to endure when you know there is reward at the end of the “mental test.” Don’t get me wrong, we all paid our dues, I just had know idea what to expect when waiting. We made friends and casually talked with other people in line with us. They were all friendly and knew that this was what needed to happen. The goal was this:

“Hopefully get into Hall H, and hopefully get a good seat–because that’s where you’re spending your day tomorrow. IN Hall H….waiting for the big reveal.”

Our “spot” was actually a really good one. We were next to a barred fence that provided a little shade of relief while we sat right next to the water. Just behind us were massive boats, most notably the “IMDb Boat.” We were awarded with treats of celebrities as they walked on and off the boat for interviews with Kevin Smith–yes, “the” Kevin Smith. The excitement of seeing them offered much needed distraction from the heat. The cast from “Sharknado”, “Marvels Agents of Shield” and the amazing “Stan Lee!” YES!!! Stan “the man” Lee!!! They were our shade as we baked in the sun–and we reveled in excitement.

That’s it. That’s the day. That’s pretty much what Friday was. Spending time in line, eating an ice cream sandwich (overpriced I might add) and just waiting for the moment, the moment that we’d be awarded wristbands to the infamous Hall H.

We’re all but promised a good time tomorrow, but they say you can’t promise tomorrow today–so let’s see what is brought to us tomorrow.

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