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Dear Flicker Fans – July 24th, 2016

July 24th, 2016

Dear Flicker Fans,

I’m not really sure how to say this…hell I’m not even sure if I’m ABLE to say this. But today…today was the last day of Comic Con. I honestly don’t think the sadness has really taken over me yet.

How do I recap today? We walked the floor trying desperately to take in the last few images to hold us off for a year. Everything was still so alive, so vibrant, and so full of energy–it was all still so busy and amazing.

It’s still seems surreal.

It feels as if this world of comics, magic, artwork, games and movies would never really end. This world of utopia would go on forever. The “true believers” as Stan Lee would say, will continue “the good fight.” That’s a thing right? People say that? I know it’s not a battle in the sense of actually going to war, but a battle of inclusion and immersion into everyday life–and from the look of it, we’re winning.

As I was saying, the last day was spent walking around and taking in the final sights and sounds of Comic-Con. The last few “die hards” who remained in costumes regardless of the heat. The people still looking for those last toys or pieces of art to take home. The final group of people who would get to walk the floor for the first and last time this weekend. Our very own Michelle got to experience that moment of euphoria. She bounced up and down as she finally stepped onto the floor and squeked with glee, “I’m on the floor! I’m on the floor!!!!” It was reminiscent to that of an 8 year old getting their first bike on Christmas morning. Yea, it was that amazing.

We did our final recording overlooking the Comic-Con floor. It was a solemn and mellow recording. Bobby, David and I all looked over the floor as we recapped our favorite moments and some of the panels that we had seen. To me, it seemed as if the weekend would never end, and then before I knew it–it was over. Bobby talked as I listened to his knowledge about how to deal with “Con withdrawal”, David toggled with the recording device. It really was coming to an end. I know this should still be a happy time, but it’s still just too soon. It felt as though the energy was taken from us. Not in the sense of actually being done with walking the floor, or the experience all that there is and all that we’ve seen. But it’s just gone…gone as much as all of this will be gone.

You can only do the first trip, one time. I’m glad that it was done with my friends. But then again, this is Comic-Con. You can see everything once, and still feel you see something new; you see so much, but you still haven’t seen it all.

Until next year Con goers.

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