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Logan Lucky

Hey there Flicker Fans, those who find time to read through my nonsensical examples of what I equate to a “fun film review”. That’s right, it’s been about a week or so since I’ve last taken the time to write up some wit and let you know what I think about one of the films (Logan Lucky). I personally (as well as our fearless leader) was excited to see it. So without further adieu, without further delay, without hesitation, let’s talk about Logan Lucky.

Directed by one of the greats, Steven Soderbergh (Oceans 11, 12, and 13) and written by Rebecca Blunt (fun fact, this person may or may not really exist, she has no official writing credits aside from Logan Lucky, and communicated with everyone via email {source}). So, along with that fun fact, that begs to ask the question, “Who the hell wrote this story?” I’m sure that question may get answered at a later time, but for this article, we’re going to focus on who’s in this movie, and how WAS this movie.

There were quite a few big names to grace the screen for this film; Channing Tatum (Magic Mike), Adam Driver (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Daniel Craig (James Bond), Katie Holmes (Dawsons Creek–sorry Katie, I know it’s been ages since you’ve done that show, but yea, we still know you from it), and Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy).

Personally, I liked this movie. Saying that (like most films), there were flaws. I mean seriously, you can nit pick your way into finding flaws in just about every movie that you watch. I know there are people that will challenge me on that and say that some movies are perfect. Godfather, The Dark Knight, these are films that I personally find just about flawless, but there’s always one a$$hole that’s out there saying, “Come on, did Michael Corleone REALLY need to take over the business? I mean how realistic was THAT?!” To that person I say, “piss off you bastard, Michael DID have to take over the family business, Sonny was dead and his Dad had been shot by a rival family. Fredo was a moron and there wasn’t anyone else to take over the family. What was he SUPPOSED to do? Let them just take over. I mean DAMMIT MAN he didn’t have a choice!!!” (whew) Alright, that kind of got away from me and well (spoiler alert), I did disclose some major plot points to the Godfather. I am pretty sure that most of you who want to see this movie, have. So please, forgive me if you haven’t.

Back to the movie at hand.

Jimmy Logan (Tatum), is an ex-football star and he’s just been let go from his current employer and has decided that the best way to get some real money is to rob Nascar the day of the race. He enlists a series of very colorful characters, most notably his one arm brother Clyde Logan (Driver).

Ok, so aside from this movie starting off at a snails pace when it comes to how funny I personally was expecting it to me, it was rather good. Actually, I think I’d like to correct myself there, did I say snails pace? I mean slower than a sloth in a snow storm. Slower than a cow chewing grass on a Sunday morning. Slower than paint drying on a white picket fence. Slower than (insert stupid metaphor here). This movie was full of that kind of rhetoric and “country” type speak with a drawl. We’re painted this picture that these two brothers (who have what they call the Logan “curse”–meaning anytime something good starts to happen to them, it falls apart), and that they’re smart enough to come up with a very intricate, detailed, convincing, elaborate heist during one of the biggest sports events in the world–if not the South; Nascar.  

I bought into it.

Yup, that’s right, I dug it. Once the story really got underway as to how they plan to do this crime, and you see events start to unfold, yea, I bought into it all. The movie was slow, yes, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. The first half hour of the movie is basically setting us up for what we’re going to see. Do I think the advertising team did a great job marketing this as a laugh out loud movie? Hell yea. They did a great job. It was fantastic. But if you think you’re going to walk into an all out laugh fest of a movie, you’d be wrong. SO very wrong. I enjoyed the humor that they put in the film, it was fun. But for the most part it was fun seeing if they’re going to get away with this plan, and how they were going to get away with this plan. (Don’t worry, I won’t do any more spoilers for this movie). But yes, this was a fun and entertaining film that had a very solid sub story, touching elements for it, and even some foreshadowing into what might happen to the Logans after everything was all said and done (remember the curse). This was a good heist movie and if you like heist movies, you’ll love this. Logan Lucky is just the movie that you should check out.

Alright folks. That’s it for me, I’m outta here faster than a runny nose on a sick kid…faster than a roadrunner getting chased by a coyote, faster than a snowball melts in the sun, faster than a tornado landing in a trailer park, alright, that one was cornier than the rest, but it’s the best I got right now.

Take care Flicker Fans.

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