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Review: Hercules


I have a question for you Flicker Fans, “How do you ruin a mythological character while putting one of the best action stars front and center to play the lead?” Why give it to Brett Ratner….he’ll take care of the rest.

I feel bad. I honestly do. I wanted to like this movie. I really did. I like Greek mythology. I enjoy the hell out of it. I also can get behind Brett Ratner with enjoying HIS movies on a certain level. I didn’t despise X-Men: The Last Stand, (even though it seemed like he was trying to kill a franchise). Some of his films are incredibly fun to watch. After the Sunset was a really fun heist movie. Then there’s the Rush Hour films. I dare anyone to say they’ve watched one of those movies and didn’t laugh once. (Ok, so if you take me literally on that; stop it. Just stop it). But come on Brett ol’ buddy ol’ pal. What happened with Hercules?

We’re led to believe that this film is the epic adventures of Hercules. He is the man whose legend precedes him, yet follows closely behind him in all his travels among everyone he passes. He is the son of Zeus, King of Gods, that has to complete the 12 labors of Hercules As he witnesses the murder of his family by the Gods that have shunned him, he must battle to find justice for their slayers. And as he experiences the PAIN and ANGUISH that has been forced upon him, we’ll see how he must truly accept who he is; half God, half man. Yup, you don’t get any of the epicness that you’re lead to believe. It almost makes me want to cry.

Here we go with another Hollywood failure to take stories that have basically been written for you (granted it was hundred of years ago) and we’re faced with their interpretation of that and have to accept the vomit that they have thrown on screen for us to view. Ok, I realize that this might be a little harsh, but I had high hopes for this. I really did.

As I said before, I have enjoyed Ratners films. I really have. And I can’t get enough of the Rock. No, not in a weird way. I just think he’s a hell of an action star. I mean seriously, do we really have any honest to God action stars left out there? Someone that can carry the movie by themselves and just dominate the HELL out of it? I look at the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) as that guy. He’s a full blown bad ass. He’s got great presence on screen, he’s funny, he’s huge, he delivers his lines well and it really looks like (well, for the most part) that he could really DO all the stuff that he’s being thrown into. Again, he’s a bad ass. I don’t find him to be the problem with this move. I find the STORY to be the problem with this movie. It’s rather slow building, disappointing flasbacks of his family (who we never really meet) and a back story on all the characters that just seemed….well, rushed. It made me sad.

The action, I will say, was quite impressive at times. Making the Rock look like he’s killing monsters (sort of), running around and just kicking everyones ass–yea, come get some!!! But the story was lacking. It alluded to mythical creatures that we never really get to see in action. It teased their very presence in the movie all to just be let down when they never showed. It was kind of shocking that they never really GOT to that part of the story. Instead we saw Hercules get really pissed because he got betrayed…..Hmmm, ok.

I may be being a little harsh. Like I said, some of the action was worth it. The Rock is the man right now (as far as I’m concerned), but I feel like he could have done another Rundown movie (which I loved), instead of focusing on a story that didn’t really happen to a bunch of mythological characters that didn’t even exist. It’s like taking little Goldilocks, putting her in a major epic setting with bears and then having her mow them all down with an AK-47. While it sounds cool at first, you’re ultimately disappointed because you find out the bears happened to be the Berenstains Bears.

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