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Review: Joy


Jennifer Lawrence. Do I really need to embellish on that name? Do I really need to follow that name up with anything other than just her name Flicker Fans? Alright, as I’ve said before, maybe I’m a little biased when it comes to certain actors/actresses or directors and or writers of films, but seriously, do we really need to follow her name with a string of words that praise her for the latest venture into film and fanfare? I do? Alright then, let’s do it.

Jennifer Lawrence is (for lack of embellishing too much), just talented. She has talent and she is beautiful. She’s beautiful and talented, talented and beautiful. She shows us again why she’s such a strong leading lady in her latest film, Joy and she didn’t even have to wield a bow and arrow (she did have a shotgun at one point, but that’s irrelevant).

Joy is a biopic (sort of) as it claims in the beginning of the film, to several true stories of strong women. AWESOME. I’m already on board with the idea. It follows the story of Joy who is a working woman turned inventor and her rise to power of being a strong business woman. STILL AWESOME. So far I’m still on board with all of this when it comes to the movie and what it’s going to be about. Why? Let’s just take a look at who’s involved shall we? This marks the third collaboration with David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle) who not only directed this film, but shares writing credit with Annie Mumolo (Bridesmaids). Also entering their third collaboration in film is Bradley Cooper who has a small, but very important role in this film. Ok…so it’s clear that David Russell LIKES working with the same cast of people (Robert DeNiro also present for a major influencing role in the film). Not only that, but I’m sure these talented people LIKE working with him as well. So if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

This movie is centered around Lawrence, and for good reason. She’s amazing. She’s received 1 Oscar and another nomination working with Russell. Why WOULDN’T she work with him again. They very clearly have something going, and it’s good. There are many times she’s in this movie and she is not only just good, but damn right convincing that she’s going through the drama that Joy is dealing with. She shows sadness, frustration, anger, tears, and a range of surprising complexity that is coupled with her distraught circumstances that are erased with her ability to visualize determination with a simple “look”. You feel her looks as she speaks to the audience with the turn of her head and saying thousands of words without actually speaking. You can feel her perseverance. She is not only acting, but she is Joy….and you can’t help but start rooting for the underdog.

I feel like not mentioning Cooper of DeNiro is unjust, but what is there really to say. They’re DeNiro and Cooper. Not sidekicks, but a flood of supporting talent to the lead which is Lawrence. They’re great when they’re on screen. You love them when you’re supposed to and hate them even more when you should. They’re talented all on their own and they honestly don’t really NEED to have more praise said about them. Why? Because this movie isn’t ABOUT them. It’s about Lawrences character. Who she is, where she’s come from and where she is going. The supporting cast does what they’re supposed to, support–but they do it with style.

Nit-picking. Let’s talk about it. Alright, for all the praise that I’ve said about this movie, I do have some problems I noticed. Again, this is just me, but was it does seem to be Winter for pretty much the duration of the movie. Either that or they just moved from time frame to time frame skipping Summer, Spring and Fall. She is this budding entrepreneur and she is always in the dead of Winter? Every time it changed to a new time in her life it seemed to be Winter–even in the climatic part of the movie. But in the grand scheme of things, this is small…..very small for such a good movie.

Lawrence shows such emotion and range in this movie, I would genuinely be surprised if she didn’t get nominated for, well, for just about everything. I saw everything because let’s be honest, there are so many damn awards shows, that I have to think that even the talent who attends these things get tired of going. Or the press junkets…which I know, is kind of lame for me to say because I’m writing this from a press perspective. Again these are my thoughts, and how this movie made me feel. And I know it’s cliche and maybe even a little corny (how I’ll end my one sided conversation with you Flicker Fans), but the way this movie makes you feel, is like rooting for the underdog who’s been beaten the entire time you watched them…you know the feeling I’m leaning towards…that moment the underdog finally steps up and wins…like you’re just filled with happiness…glee…or extreme satisfaction…or Joy (see, I told I’d end on a corny note). Until next time Flicker fans…

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