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Review: Let’s Be Cops


Hey there Flicker Fans, let’s talk about something that I think we’re all speaking about this morning. I mean let’s REALLY get down to it. Let’s take a minute to reflect not only on our lives, but let’s reflect about our movie experiences this weekend. Let’s talk about fun, laughter, and cop movies. That’s right, let’s talk about, Let’s Be Cops (see what I did there?). I don’t know how many of you watch and or enjoy New Girl but we’re going to talk about a movie that I think was specifically put together as a launch pad for two of it’s main stars: Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. These two characters are both kind of down on their luck. Jake Johnson being a huge success in his college years, and Damon Wayans Jr. being a pseudo success now. Frustrated with everything they have going, they put on some police uniforms and people think that they’re cops and guess what? Madness ensues. I’m not doing it justice, but trust me…..madness ensues.

So let me start by saying this. I’m a fan. Not only am I fan of the show, I’m a fan of these two acting together. They work well on New Girl and they worked well in this movie. Granted they kind of played versions of the same character–maybe just a little more outgoing–but it was funny.

Luke Greenfield (known for The Animal–remember The Animal?! Rob Schneider! and The Girl Next Door) directed this buddy film. From surfing his IMDb profile, it doesn’t look as if he’s really done THAT much over the years, but it’s clear that he still has a touch for the comedy flare. While it’s becoming more and more frequent for comedies to be made rated R opposed to just PG-13 for audiences, this really worked for him. Was it a little predictable? Yea….sure. Did it follow certain recipe for comedies and buddy films? Abso-freaking-lutely! But you know what? It worked. He made a fun (albeit a little predictable) but fun and entertaining movie for the hour and a half you were in the theater.

It’s no so much that the movie has a funny premise. It’s also the fact that the major leads in the movie have a background with stand up comedy and it really adds to their characters when they’re bouncing lines off each other. According to IMDb, all the major actors improvised quite a bit of their lines. Something that helps add to the comedy and spontaneity of the lines–all the while still sticking to the major direction of the films story line.

So, as I’ve said early in this review, I liked it. Will it be the next huge grossing comedy like The Hangover? God no. But if you’re looking for a fun movie, where you honestly can suspend reality for awhile (and not really think)–I mean let’s be honest, they’re pretending to be cops for the majority of the movie–then take the time (or afternoon) and check Let’s Be Cops. Oh and don’t worry, it’s not a giant advertisement for the LAPD.

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