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Review: Lucy


Alright Flicker Fans here we go: I am new and have recently joined the prestigious, amazing, fantastic, insightful team that pokes, prods and podcasts all that is film, tv, and entertainment. My name is Jascha Wilson. As far as experience in film goes–I’m a fan. An uber big fan of all things that are film. If it’s made, I’ll watch it and or give it a shot. I don’t sugar coat or lolly-gag around when it comes to reviews and/or my opinion and I might even hold a little bit of favoritism when it comes to certain film makers, but hell, don’t all critics. So without further delay, here’s my first official review for Let’s chat about Lucy.

Where oh where do I begin? I’m not one to totally just “rip” a movie to shreds just for the sake of doing it, but I feel like this review might take that turn. Luc Besson is credited with making such amazing films such as; The Fifth Element, The Professional, Taken, Taken 2 (which was alright), The Transporter, Point of No Return, Kiss of the Dragon. Most written specifically by him and some of them even directed by him, which brings me to the Lucy….What the HELL just happened?

We enter our story with Lucy shown being a relatively carefree girl and incredibly hot (enter Scarlett Johannson). She’s seems to be some sort of exchange student and she’s found herself a douche bag boyfriend to hang out with. (so far I’m totally still in; very believable). He wants her to do him a favor and she’s a little resistant. She gets forced into doing the favor and the douche bag boyfriend gets killed. Enter Chinese mobster who is unbelievably crazy and dangerous and they want to force her to be a drug mule. (So far I’m still on board with all of this.) The drugs are inserted into her stomach and one of the pouches breaks, thus making her grow smarter and smarter each hour. (Again, so far I’m still on board with all of this.) She then seeks revenge on the mobsters that have done her wrong. (Once again, STILL ON BOARD!)

The movie for the most part was “just okay”–for about the first hour. The first hour of the film it was fun. A little humor, a lot of sci-fi, and even some action. Scarlett Johannson was fun and fantastic to watch (just like she normally is.) Her delivery when she’s showcasing her “powers” when she’s trying to get the attention of ONE particular police officer and knocks everyone unconscious without touching them was fantastic. Both funny and unnerving as to show exactly how powerful she’s really become. She’s incredibly talented and I think Luc Besson is incredibly talented as well. However, I do not think this movie showcases his talents and his amazing potential to tell a great story. I get that to enjoy a sci-fi movie you have to suspend all reality and just “go with it”. Isn’t that why we all go to watch movies–especially movies of this nature. But this movie, again…..this movie, just doesn’t hold you at the end. You begin to care less and less about her goal, when it becomes less and less about her seeking out revenge.

The philosophical aspect of the movie was fun. The “ever learning and evolving” ideas and message that was delivered by the film was interesting. It brought up some interesting aspects as to how “we” as a species, are always evolving and how we’re united. How we may exist and or how we may NOT exist. It then proceeds to take a giant dump all over your face and become something that you probably won’t care about. I honestly don’t know what happened towards the end of the movie. I have real honest questions like, “Luc buddy, did you just run out of ideas? Luc, DUDE, what the hell? Luc, did you really think it was a good idea to have her just stop wanting ANYTHING to do with the bad guys? Luc, was this a movie to help get funding for anything else? Like, was there some sort of agreement that we don’t know about how you had to make this move and then Universal will distribute something else? Luc, are you trying to compete with M. Night Shyamalon as to who could tank their film career the fastest?” Take note Luc, he’s got a HELL of a lead on you right now.

All in all, I did enjoy the first hour or so of the film. I didn’t mention any particular spoilers for the film in case you really DO want to see it. I don’t know how I would have ended this film because I didn’t write or direct it. I just watch and enjoy (sort of). And on a percentage scale I enjoyed a little more than half of the film (just barely). Would I watch it again? I’d probably rather watch the Care Bears movie from 1985. At least that ended on a more satisfying note.

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