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Review: The Boss

Flicker Fans, Flicker Fans, Flicker Fans…….let’s just take a moment shall we? I know that this past weekend the headliner at the box office was THE BOSS….so let’s celebrate that success and mourn the impending failure for the upcoming weekend shall we? I know that may sound SUPER negative, but if you’re reading this review, you’ll understand why in just a few minutes.

THE BOSS (starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, and Peter Dinklage) is a silly, over-the-top story that centers around McCarthy acting rude, crude, predictable and (well) funny–at times. That’s just it Flicker Fans…..the funny moments come in waves and are pretty much what you have expected from the commercials, not to mention the funny parts were all SHOWN in the trailers. But we’ll address this in a few…, let’s talk some more about this movie.

Directed by Ben Falcone (Tammy, The Boss)……yea….that’s what consists of his roster….I mean damn Ben. I like him. I’ve actually seen him act in other movies and shows and I’ve actually liked his work. I think he does comedy really well….well….at least ACTS in comedy really well. His directing may need a little work. But in all honesty, is it the directing or is it the story? I watched both Tammy and The Boss and found them both, “humbling” in the sense of the genre that he’s trying to do. Is it a comedy with a hint of drama? Both movies have SOME comedy, but they (as I stated before) have this hint of drama in there as well. Like that touching moment that we’re all supposed to just revel in…..but we don’t. So, it’s kind of  like a dramedy, but not really. Jesus, how vague can I get with the description of this movie (or style) could I be? Bottom line, I don’t think that Ben is the greatest director to try and tackle that kind of feeling when it comes to movies like this. I just don’t.

The Boss centers around McCarthy’s character who is a tough as nails investor/business woman who isn’t afraid to cross any and everyone to be successful. She’s ruthless, careless, selfish and demeaning to her assistant (Kristen Bell). When she gets busted for insider trading and is forced to spend time in what appears to be a resort/jail type place and is ultimately released to find out she has no money. Left broke, homeless and no where else to turn, she resorts to asking her ex-abused assistant for a place to stay with her daughter. That’s it…..that’s the movie. Now, without going further into detail and quite possibly ruining it even more for you if you WANTED to see this movie, it gets just as predictable as you can imagine. The new roommates fight, they make up, get along, fight again, and then ultimately make up. That’s it.

I kid.

While this may be the gist of the movie (minus a few comedic parts here and there), this is basically what the movie is broken down to. A lackluster, under-performance, and underutilized resource of talent for a comedy that should have been better (at least I was hoping it would be). But by a show of the proverbial hands out there reading this, how many people hate it when they show all the funny parts in a new movie–or better yet, show all the BEST parts in a new movie, not leaving you guessing for anything? I for one am one of those people. I can’t stand the lack of surprise that is missing from films nowadays. It’s frustrating and makes me sad….like real sad.

But onto something good. WELCOME BACK Kristen Bell!!!!! Ok…so she didn’t really go anywhere, but it’s no secret to people that she’s had a few kids and has been a little MIA. But she’s back, but why oh why did she chose THIS movie to come back in? Alright, so that might have been a little harsh and uncalled for, but that’s kind of how I felt when I watched it. She’s such an amazing talent (as is McCarthy), but she’s totally underused in this film…but she was still good. Now–go with me on this–the best part of the movie is Dinklage who is TOTALLY amazing. I couldn’t get enough of his silly character/love interest of McCarthys. He was fantastic. He just was. I think I really enjoy watching him in something ridiculous and silly because he is forced to do this incredibly silly role on GAME OF THRONES (if you don’t watch, you should), so when he’s out and just cutting lose to act over the top and silly–he kills it. The guy is so much fun to watch in this movie.

All in all Flicker Fans, the movie wasn’t TOO bad….it was just missing something. I’m not sure what it could be or what it was, but it just was missing something, which is a shame because I enjoy McCarthy, Bell and Dinklage in just about everything they do (yes, even FROZEN). But that being said, I feel like their talent wasn’t totally taken advantage of….so much as their names might have been to SELL this idea to a studio. So I ask you all to join hands and prepare to mourn the impending doom that will probably fall upon this movie next week. THE JUNGLE BOOK, BARBERSHOP: SWEET JESUS WE NEED ANOTHER HAIRCUT (just kidding that’s not the title) BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT, and  CRIMINAL are all coming out next weekend. Maybe we’ll see a resurrection of this movie’s ghost in GHOSTBUSTERS 3? Is it 3? Is it a reboot? With the same pseudo drafting of the previous 2 movies? Who knows, and we’ll address that movie when it comes out. Until then Flicker Fans…..enjoy this….comedy?

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