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The Hitmans Bodyguard

Flicker Fans I would like to take you on journey right now. I’d like to take you to a moment and place where all reasonable actions are tossed to the side. I’d like you take this time to really envision a place where super hitmen and even more super bodyguards exist. I’d like you to even take a moment and really think about why you’re going to watch this movie. It’s not just a matter of wanting to get a good laugh, a chuckle, a smirk or smile. But I want you to take a look and muster up the courage to go on an adventure with me. It’s the age old tale of, “bodyguard protecting an eye witness until he can testify.” This eye witness just happens to be an expert hitman. Yes, that story that mixes action, adventure, and the use of an aggressive, “mutha fu*ka” here and there, and of course romance. I’m talking about The Hitmans Bodyguard. Let’s dive in shall we.

(By the way, that was all sarcasm, and if you are having a hard time picking up on that, you might want to reconsider this review.)

The great Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight), joins the always dreamy Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Waiting {yea I referred to him as dreamy, I’m comfortable with saying that}). Maybe sarcastic is a better way to refer to him, since he seems to completely OWN that type of character. They are also joined by the amazing Gary Oldman (who I didn’t even realize was in this movie until it started). Oldman shouldn’t need a list of “what he’s been in”, but in case you don’t know, The Professional and The Fifth Element. Also in this movie is Elodie Yung (Netflixs Daredevil, G.I Joe: Retaliation–hell I didn’t know that). Also starring was the amazing Salma Hayek (From Dusk till Dawn). Regardless, let’s get right to it shall we.

This movie…..was…..well, good(ish). Listen, I’m a fan of ALL the actors in this movie. The thing is, you have to be a fan of these actors to really enjoy the movie. It’s just ok. That’s not saying I didn’t enjoy it, but it was kind of over the top, a little bit much with the chase scenes, and the  car crashes, and then there are the explosions. SO many explosions. They had so many explosions in this movie, I actually thought while watching it, “Jesus, what did this movie cost to make?”($30 million production budget according to They really knew how to stretch that budget.

Back to the movie, like I said, it was good(ish). I liked it and it was fun and definitely had some funny parts. That being said, do you really need to go out there and race to the theater? No, probably not. I hate saying that because I like to support all the actors in this movie, but it felt like it was lacking something. Not entirely sure what it was, but it was just lacking something. The subplot of a love story between all the characters (not with all of them together, but with the people that they were supposed to be in love with was fine), and they did a good job of leaving a few surprises in this movie–which in my opinion, kind of saved it.So, with that said, I liked it. It was good(ish). You just have to be a fan of watching these actors act like almost every character they’ve ever done already before, and just sit back and enjoy.

So that’s it Flicker Fans. I’m done. Done with this movie review. I feel like stopping this was is fitting because it’s kind of how The Hitmans Bodyguard ended. There was resolution, and it was a decent ending, but it kind of just sto–

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