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What’s Wrong with Warner Bros.?

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Listen, let’s just take a minute and really talk about what they’re doing over there at the good ol’ WB (I hate to use that lingo, but let’s do that for this little tid bit shall we). But let’s really examine what could possibly be, what could potentially be, and what is CLEARLY a problem with the WB and their properties. Yes, I’m talking about you DC…..good ol’ Detective Comics and Warner Bros. have gone hand in hand for quite some time now, and the problems don’t seem to be getting better. In fact, I don’t want to go so far and say that it’s failing, but it’s definitely “limping” along trying to find its way—and I think they’re lost.

Now, I didn’t want to write this article. Hell, I really don’t want to write any negative review. That said, I’m prompted to write it based off of what I’ve seen so far when it comes to reviews, trailers, and comments about their latest and greatest. Yes, I’m talking about, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Let’s tackle the obvious first, what the hell is going on with that title? Do we NEED the “Dawn of Justice”… Could we have done just fine with “Batman v. Superman?” Uh, hell yea. We didn’t need anything more than that and people would have flocked to the theater. But alas (yea, I said “alas”) here we are with this extension of a title that didn’t necessarily NEED one. Like we don’t know what the goal is WB, we’re all very aware that you want that “JUSTICE LEAGUE” movie franchise under your belt. It’s an oil well waiting to be tapped. But what’s the rush?

Choice of actors. I’ll admit, Ben Afleck wouldn’t have been my first choice, but maybe you (the studio) have something in mind that we all don’t. Maybe we don’t see the bigger picture of what you’re planning on doing with him. But hey, I can even get behind him being Batman. Why not? Hell, Ben’s a fine actor (most of the time) and he is an amazing director and writer, so why not have him play the role of one of your biggest franchises ever. Who cares if he was a Marvel brand for a quick second. Who cares if he’s had almost as much successes as he has misses (I refuse to say “failure” because that’s just mean–for no reason mean). But he’s good, and he keeps getting roles, parts, and well, work in Hollywood–no matter what. Which leads to one unmistakable conclusion–Afleck has talent, is talented, and is a draw. No matter what you think of him, you have to agree on some level, that the man has talent. And as skeptical as I was about his casting, he pretty much kills it as Bruce Wayne/Batman (in my opinion). I think he did a fine job. He was in shape, funny when he needed to be, and did the job that they were asking for, for this movie. He WAS Bruce Wayne. Don’t knock him because of his past. But let’s move on shall we?

Henry Cavill. Alright, so he’s famously known for being Superman…..right NOW….that’s not to say that he might be able to pull off some other roles and movies. He was in, “The Man From UNCLE” which for all accounts was a pretty decent movie as well–it’s a shame that it didn’t get as much praise as I felt it should have–but who am I right? But he’s a fine Clark Kent. He delivers pretty much what you got from the first movie (Man of Steel). But, there was a little something missing as well. It just wasn’t quite there and he wasn’t always ON where he should have been. But I don’t necessarily think that’s his fault, I think that’s the scripts fault. But he did the performance that he was supposed to do and it was a fine job–again, in my opinion.

Now, let’s really get into it shall we. If anyone would like to reply to this, I welcome this debate. I truly welcome this “back and forth” because what I’m about to say may or may not ruffle a few feathers. Lex Luthor. Jesse Eisenberg. I honestly don’t know what they were doing when they started the creation process for this Luthor, but it wasn’t anything that we’re all used to seeing, want to see, and are expecting to see when it comes to the portrayal of one of DC’s most infamous and greatest villains. Listen, I can get behind the “re-imagining” of some characters and who they are, how they got to be who they are and their problems….but what I can’t really get behind is abandoning the characters whole persona and just go a different way–to literally JUST GO A DIFFERENT WAY! When we walk out of the theater we shouldn’t be asking questions like, “why was he doing this”, or, “what was his ultimate motivation for this”. We should have those answers handed to us on a silver platter when it comes to what they’re doing–and I feel we just weren’t.

So, what’s the problem with Warner Bros? Why all the rush and hush about what they’re really trying to do and what they want us (the fans) to believe. I mean, let’s be real for a second. They have honestly been trying to mimic and/or move in the direction of Marvel since Marvel released Iron Man back in 2008. Ok, ok, I know that they’ve done super hero movies back in the day. Batman, even the 1978 Superman. But let’s be real, when they saw the success of Marvel and Iron Man and realized what they were trying to build, it feels as though they were on a fast track to try and move in the same direction that Marvel was going. But it’s felt like that since I was a kid–even though DC started the Justice League before the Avengers–Marvel just did better stories–again, my opinion. But then again, I’m more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy, so I might be a little bias when it comes to that.

So again I ask, “What’s the problem with Warner Bros?” Why the rush to catch up? Why the sudden urgency to try and compete with a franchise that (honestly) if you just paced yourself a little, the movies would probably do well all on their own. Logically speaking, and let’s think about it, if DC/Warner Bros. decided to just pace themselves with the characters and brands that they have, they would be on track to essentially take over as soon as Marvel was done with their series. Marvel has a plan and it’s been working for them. Make great stories, try and stay true to the characters, and make beaucoup dollars. Pretty simple plan right? So why the rush to either keep up or just compete with what Marvel is doing with their timeline.

In all honesty, I enjoyed the movie. I liked what I saw, and I took it for what it was worth. An enjoyable popcorn movie that had flaws, but got us ready for more. But see, that’s the problem that I’m having with this movie. The resolution and outcome was just there to “get us ready for more”….that’s supposed to come out in what? 2017! A year from now where we’re going to get another good movie (hopefully) and watch our heroes again? Sometimes I feel the studios are so eager to “set up what’s next” that we lose sight on making quality for what’s now. So why did they do that? Why DO they do that? And ultimately, what’s wrong with Warner Bros.?

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